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Szerző:  devon [ 2014. december 15., hétfő 5:45 ]
Hozzászólás témája:  Re: General discussions

Thanks to Norbert for showed your website......!


Szerző:  loonymcgreat [ 2012. április 3., kedd 18:33 ]
Hozzászólás témája:  Re: General discussions

Hello from Slovenia ! :D

I came across your presentation video on youtube and I decided to take a look if our east neighbours have a website or smth and I was really surprised cos your site is very nice !

We have an official supporters club too , it's not as big as yours and we are officialy registered only since last season. The last time we went to the Bridge was on 10th of March for Chelsea-Stoke and it was really a great trip for 21 members 8)

We came up with the idea of organizing a meet in the summer for chelsea supporters clubs from this part of europe( Serbia, Italy, Hungary, Poland, Czech republic, Slovakia and us). The deatils are not known yet and we are not 100% sure if this will go through but I want to know what do you think about it. Would you come?

This is our fb page- ... 6932496266
And our site and forum ***

cheers Kép

Szerző:  Lauri [ 2011. október 30., vasárnap 16:46 ]
Hozzászólás témája:  Re: General discussions

Hello Friends!
I'm back to home so, on my behalf I want to thank everyone who came to Cracow!
It was nice to meet you. I hope to see more in the future ;)

Greetings from Poland for all Hungarian sisters and brothers :)

P.S. Thanks to Norbert for showed your website

P.S.2 sorry for my English, I will try not to make too many mistakes :oops:

Szerző:  Wisey [ 2008. szeptember 9., kedd 10:47 ]
Hozzászólás témája:  General discussions

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